Putney Green

education / residential

Sprunt acted as delivery Architects from RIBA Stage 4 onwards. The project consisted of a primary school and 24 apartments.

Grey/buff facing brickwork was selected as the primary facing material for the primary school, with the under croft and canopy on the school frontage finished in glazed bricks which vary in colour from a yellow at the south end of the building, progressing through greens, to blues at the northern end of the site. Large cut outs in the brick façade around the higher level will have the coloured bricks on the eastern side, reflecting the under croft, whilst the remaining sides have timber fins spaced irregularly to provide views across the common. The apartments were designed using the same grey/buff brick as the school. This helped to unify the two buildings, whilst maintaining a visually distinctive look for each, appropriate to the disparate functions. The block consisted of 24 apartments with underground parking, external garden space as well as communal roof terraces.

  The apartments won ‘Best Small New Housing Development 2017’ at LABC awards

Photos sourced from photographer Jon Reid and sallycmorrow@gmail.com

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