Sprunt is a leading architecture practice founded in 1988 by Robert Sprunt with offices in London and Johannesburg.

Bringing together Architects, Landscape Architects and Urban Designers, Sprunt’s work is grounded in research and analysis. Each project is developed with imagination and passion, creating designs that are inspiring, efficient and enduring. The practice’s rich mix of design skills enables Sprunt to look beyond the immediate site to the wider context, creating buildings and spaces that respect and enhance their surroundings.

Working collaboratively with clients from concept to construction has given Sprunt a team that appreciates the financial and operational context in which design takes place and the creativity to find intelligent ways of designing practically from the outset to maximise the potential of every opportunity.

Projects are carried out in one of our three studio, each of which has a full complement of design and technical professionals working under a studio head to take projects from inception to completion.

Management Team

Robert Sprunt

Executive Chairman

The founder of Sprunt Architects, Robert is an Urban Designer and Architect with over 30 years of industry experience.

As Executive Chairman of Sprunt, Robert has delivered some of the most high profile and complex urban regeneration projects in London. He is a dynamic and passionate leader who uses his knowledge and commitment to design to drive his team’s motivation to achieve success, on even the most complex projects.

Joel Kuenzi

Design Director

Joel is an experienced architect with a keen interest in design development, working with stakeholders to produce projects that are socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. He challenges the status quo with his passion to ensure that Sprunt’s buildings meet the needs of their users while making a lasting contribution to the quality of the environment.

Audrey Knox

Studios Director

Audrey is Head of Wardour Street Studio. She has been an associate level architect for 11 years and is able to reliably run all aspects of projects.

As an experienced team leader, Audrey manages her team to deliver projects from concept through to completion. She has strong communication skills and specialises in designing for healthcare, special needs and housing.


Our Studios

Wardour Street Studio

Located in London.

Dean Street Studio

Located in London.

Randburg Studio

Located in Johannesburg.